Insurance is a kind of protective shield that we give to ourselves, property, business or for our needs. Insurance is a legal agreement between the party and the insurance providing company. Regular amounts of money are paid to the insurer as premiums, and they pay you back if any uncertain event happens. The insurance company is known as the ‘insurer’ and the individual as the ‘insured’ person. In case if any loss occurs for the insured one, the insurer takes the responsibility to cover the losses. The loss can be different depending upon the situation or happening. For example, it might be any kind of property damage or the demise of the policyholder. These losses are uncertain ones and so-called contingency.  

How does Insurance Work?

Both the insurer and insured get the legal agreement for the insurance, known as ‘insurance policy’. It protects the family and yourself from financial loss due to uncertain event happenings. The insurance policy has details on the conditions and circumstances explaining how the insurance company will pay the insurance amount for the nominees or insured person. Any company or individual can seek insurance from any of the insurance companies, but the final decision on providing the insurance is taken by the insurance company themselves.

Types of Insurance


  • Home Insurance


Giving your home proper protection is always necessary. Normally we use to protect our belongings with the utmost care. A big structure like a home cannot be protected by a single person by health. For example, if any kind of natural disaster like earthquake, flood or tragic disaster like fire, vandalism occurs, it will be difficult for the people residing in that home to cover it financially. This sounds like a place for the wealthy to help for further inhibition. So, this provides a way for insurance companies in the form of home insurance policies. This reduces the risk of living and ensures all the assets covered by theft, disasters, etc. and shields you with additional expense coverages. 


  • Health Insurance


Safeguarding yourself and your loved ones’ health is mandatory nowadays. Protection always sounds better than curing. The Health Insurance covers in-patient and out-patient medical encounters, surgical needs, treatments, maternity services, medical tests up to some limit. The Dubai government has brought into action compulsory medical insurance for nationals and ex-pat people for better prevention in their health. This aim is to build a world-class health care system in Dubai. 


  • Travel Insurance


Travelling without proper travel insurance might lead to taking risks throughout your journey. In case if the flight has been cancelled, lost your luggage or need a medical emergency, can flip your journey to an uncovered version of enjoyment. The travel insurance policy provides you save unnecessary expenses for trip cancellation, flight delays, baggage loss, theft or damage, emergency medical expenses, legal expenses, personal liability and so on. You can opt for this policy and protect your personal needs.


  • Bike Insurance


Bike insurance can protect your bike in case any accidents happen. In case if there is no proper insurance for the bike, if any mishappening occurred, the owner is responsible for the whole liability and no third party guarantees the money. By taking a proper bike insurance policy can increase the life of a bike from wealth.


  • Car Insurance


This insurance provides protection against accidents, natural calamities, thefts or other mishappenings. Having the right car insurance can protect your vehicle from unexpected financial losses on the vehicle due to uncertain events. Vehicle insurance is a mandatory one that every car owner should have to drive your car on roads.


  • Yacht Insurance


Yacht insurance provides a policy for pleasure crafts, mega yachts and commercial yachts if any kind of accident or damage occurs. This policy protects the yacht with better safeguards and ensures the protection of vessels and passengers that come in the yacht. This policy usually covers the perils of navigable waters, natural and manmade disasters occurred. 

Benefits of Insurance

Insurance is a special type of risk management that we opt out against taking risks. This is beneficial to individuals and companies in numerous ways. Some benefits of insurance are obvious while some are not. The main benefits are given below:

  • The most important benefit is being the option of paying for losses that happened. This can cover the losses caused by uncertainty.
  • Insurance manages cash flow uncertainty. 
  • Promotes risk control activity by providing incentives and contractual requirements.
  • Complies with legal requirements. 
  • Using efficiently the insured’s resources. 
  • Support for insured’s credit. In this case, they will provide loans by guaranteeing that the lender will surely get paid if the collateral for a loan is damaged by an insured event.
  • Reduces the social burden to a greater extent. For example, in the cases of accident victims, etc.
  • An important source of money investment. Insurance always collects premiums, investment and claims if anything occurs.


Insurances are always a beneficial investment. Because unnecessary events are not pre-planned ones. And so, some mishappening can push a person into huge debt and financial losses. Seeking an insurance policy is always a better option than running around during a critical situation. Whether it be any kind of insurance policy, you can get our help anytime.

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