In today’s world, people are living a life of fast pace where they are in a hurry to plan for the future. But in this highly competitive world , people often forget the fact that it is necessary to make the best and the most effective use of their finances. Most people who actually decide to set out to conquer their life goals don’t realize how important it is to save money. It gets really late when reality strikes. Little do they know that, as the list piles up, the risk also goes shooting high. And one major reason for such issues is the basic human tendency to procrastinate things and the lack of proper planning. Hence, saving and managing  money has become the most difficult task for every other working individual.  Due to this very reason, most people who don’t have a plan,  fear being questioned about their financial situation and their future prospects. They get stressed by the thought of achieving their life dreams.

This is where various companies come forward and ease the difficulty of such matters. There are lots of different financial companies that provide the best of financial support and solutions in the most comprehensive manner who seek their expertise. Whether it is for an individual or for an organization, most of these financial companies stay committed to them and provide the best financial solutions, making all their clients happy. Such companies are referred to as Complete Financial Solutions.

As mentioned above, Complete Financial Solutions aims to help their clients in analyzing and evaluating their financial needs. Once that is done, they go ahead and give all possible suggestions and options which the client can choose from. This inturn provides the clients an upper hand over the entire matter and helps them understand their own situation, making them choose the best possible way out from each crisis, based on their situation. 

Complete Financial Solutions, as the name goes, actually provides all sorts of financial services to their clients. From suggesting the best- matched loan product to even negotiating with lenders for their clients, such financial solutions always make their way out and do their best to satisfy their client. 

Financial Solutions Companies in the UAE

Today, Financial Solutions companies could be found in  every part of the world. In the UAE, there are many companies who already provide such financial assistance to their clients and business investors, since the past 20 years or more. It has to be noted that, the motto of every other financial solutions company is the satisfaction and the interest of the client that is given the prime importance. Despite this fact, new financial companies are coming up day by day, due to the massive amount of people who are still in need of financial assistance and are not satisfied in some way or the other with the service they receive. Due to this very reason, it is impossible to discuss in detail about all the Financial Solution Companies in UAE as there are hundreds already existing. Still, some examples could be drawn to give a proper idea of how some of these companies operate. 

Abu Dhabi Financial Services LLC

Abu Dhabi Financial Services LLC, is one such Financial company that provides various services like share brokerage,  financial consultation  and research, credit card loans and Research Consulting. It was founded in 2002 and operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of the National Bank of Abu Dhabi, with its headquarters in Abu Dhabi. The company also engages  in dealing with local and foreign shares and financial instruments.

EDB Bahrain 

Bahrain EDB is another such  company that operates in Bahrain and provides financial assistance to their clients . They set up and operate financial services, FinTech, and other financing and exchange companies. It’s major duty is to guide various businesses through the process and to provide crucial information and resources regarding the various opportunities in Bahrain in order to  help the financial service companies grow.


Besides all such companies, organizations like Aurigin also play a vital role in such matters. They provide a global platform that gives access to thousands of such financial service companies to high quality deals which they feel are relevant to their clients. 

Since the time when development started and globalization hit the universe, money has remained a big matter for all. And so, issues related to them are discussed very frequently. 

Various articles have been published highlighting the different issues clients face in a day to day life as well as picturizing how hard it is to manage finance in the most effective manner for even an individual. It has to be admitted that such articles are also responsible for the major growth of these Financial Solution Companies, as they are the ones who portrayed the important role such organizations play in one’s life.  Even today, such articles gain the attention of the commoners or even big slots as they know this is something that is going to remain there for a long time and is something that they will have to turn to some day or the other. Therefore, this sector would always be in popularity.

VATTALKS is a website that provides Complete Financial Solution to its clients. Just as the other companies mentioned above, VATTALKS   is also based in UAE. But what makes VATTALKS stand out from all the other companies is the fact that it  provides better assistance in every financial sector in affordable cost based on the client’s requirements, enabling a proper comparison of deals  with other  companies.  It paves way to all of its clients to have a happier and satisfactory life by providing them with all sorts of financial assistance. It aims to give the best of financial services to individuals as well as to the business organizations. They provide first and foremost priority to the client’s preference and interest. 

Besides this, VATTALKS is associated with some of the best banks in UAE in order to provide the best of service to their clients. ADIB, Dubai Islamic Bank, Arab Bank, Commercial Bank of Dubai, Ajman Bank, HSBC and Sharjah Islamic Bank are some of the most famous banks that come under VATTALKS. Almost every bank under them provides the best service. 

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB) 

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB) provides different types of financial products in UAE and other regions. Their  products include Cards, Finance, Bank Accounts, Priority Banking, etc. They provide lots of various cards and bank accounts  to their clients based on their needs or purpose. They also give a lot of  discounts and offers at selected restaurants and also at airport lounges. They also provide loans for unique requirements put forward by the clients. 

Dubai Islamic Bank

The Dubai Islamic Bank is another bank which is associated with VATTALKS . It was established in 1975, and is the world’s first full service Islamic Bank.  It holds the third position among all the other Islamic banks in the world. The bank operates over 90 branches across the UAE and still expands its phases to develop the industry. It is considered the largest bank in UAE based on it’s assets and also due to the public joint stock company that has been listed on the Dubai Financial Market. They provide the best of service and that is the reason why they hold close to 1.7 million customers. 

Ajman Bank

Ajman Bank is another bank based in the  United Arab Emirates. Ajman Bank is a public shareholding company that provides banking, financial and investment activities following  the Islamic Sharia principles. The Ajman Bank  has 10 branches and two pay offices in the United Arab Emirates and they operate various financial activities through three different business segments which includes the retail banking segment, the corporate banking segment and the treasury segment. The bank provides services like real estate finances, cards, bank accounts for private customers, as well as  investments in Islamic financing, deposit and trade finance transactions for corporate bodies, and so on. 

Sharjah Islamic Bank

Sharjah Islamic Bank is a publicly listed and renowned bank that has it’s headquarters in Sharjah in the UAE and it was formerly known as the National Bank of Sharjah. Established in the year 1976, this bank has always been the best in the industry in providing the clients the best service. 

Arab Bank

Arab Bank, founded in 1930, over time has developed into one  of the largest and the best financial institutions in the Middle East. They never fail to provide the best of financial services based on sustainable growth and development. They always maintain high standards when it comes to their services. They have more than 600 branches across five continents and still continue to grow in the field. 

Similar is the case with all the banks that come under VATTALKS . All of them grant a wide range of other banking  services which includes Consuming Banking, Wholesale Banking, etc. They  provide attractive loan options for expatriates and UAE nationals. Car Loan, Home Loan, personal loans are some of the major ones that the client goes for. So when it comes to VATTALKS, they actually sit back and analyze all the insurance and services provided by each of these banks. 

It offers the clients to get access with various credit card facilities. They grant  insurance policies for every unique requirement made by the client. In today’s world , insurance is something that everyone gets for their safety and protection as any we are not sure how things might turn out to be just after a while.  Hence, insurance safeguards everyone from being bankrupt when things go haywire. It is due to this very reason that banks come up with new insurance policies every other day for clients. They include bike insurance, car insurance, home insurance, health insurance, yacht insurance and also  travel insurance. VATTALKS does the best job in providing all these services to their clients at affordable prices. They compare each and every aspect and finally come up with solutions. Other than that, they also provide  VAT return services. They would provide a detailed idea of how each bank or sector provides their services and what to choose to attain growth in future.

Considering all the services they provide, it has to be acknowledged that they are indeed known for their professionalism and enthusiasm to serve their clients. This is why, their customer service also provides the best of service for each and every query posted. Hence, anyone can benefit by being a part of this website and trust them with their whole heart as they truly aim at helping others grow.