AED 15,000

Minimum Salary

AED 7,631

Monthly Payment


Flat Rate


Down Payment

  • Free property insurance for the entire tenure.
  • Optional grace period up to six months.
  • Profit free personal financing.
  • Automatic priority status upgrade.
  • Life insurance financing.
  • For your first property, the down payment is 25% if the property value is under AED 5M and 35% if property value is above AED 5M. For your second property, the down payment is 40%.
  • For salary transfer customers there is no processing fee for new purchases, owner to owner transfers or refinance. For non salary transfer customers the processing fee is 0.50% of financing amount or AED 5,000 (whichever is higher).
  • You get free of charge fire Takaful cover. Life Takaful is mandatory.
  • The reducing rate of this finance is 3.75% and the equivalent flat rate is 2.06%. The calculation used is a division of the reducing rate by 1.814 and this is indicative only.
  • The variable interest rate is based on the Central bank’s 3 month EIBOR plus a bank margin.
  • It is not a requirement to transfer your salary to apply.