FINANCE AND ACCOUNTING SERVICES PRICING: Affordable pricing of Finance and Accounting services at wee prices of around $8 – 15 per hour.

Tired of paying huge amounts for book keeping/ book keeper and accountant?? Are you looking for accounting services by high level expertise team at affordable prices?? Well you are at the right place, outsource your activities of book keeping, accounting and other financial services and leave the rest to VATTALKS. Why waste your efforts, money and time when you have VATTALKS doing all the Non-Core business activities of business like book keeping, accounting and all financial services, with high degree of professionalism and expertise at a very affordable prices .

VATTALKS is known for its Professionalism, great expertise and highly skilled man-power who would help you achieve growth in your business by eliminating Non-core business activities. Its Affordable prices for the services would enable you to reduce costs spent on professional book keeping and financial services and the expertise of the services being no lesser than those offered by other level players.


At VATTALKS we believe Customer is the spearhead to drive and sustain a business and on the same lines we devised our prices to the exact need of you. Pricing at VATTALKS is based on the No of Hours required by you and the nature of financial project.

As a part of our Tailor made Pricing structure, you are at high degree of flexibility to choose one service amongst the following.

1. Pay for part-time financial experts

If your need can be met by a part time professional book keeper or accountant, our Part time Professional expert can be probably the right service to sign up for. The Part time expert can cater upto 80 Hrs per month, thereby giving you a high level expert service at a minimal price as we offer a low monthly billing for such services.

2. Pay for full-time financial professionals

If your requirement is a full time professional to cater to all your book keeping and accounting needs you can sign up for the full time financial expert. He caters upto 160 Hrs on a Monthly basis. Our full time professional service is highly professional and cost effective to suit to your needs.

3. Pay by the hour

If you require our services only during specific period or when you are facing a heavy work load, you can opt for this hourly service where you can avail the high expertise and pay for the same for the no of hours you avail our services.

4. Pay by the project

Wish to Opt for our services for one-time project? This service is most apt and cost effective for you. After complete analysis of the needs of your project we would give you a quote of the price for the services.

5. Pay only for tax returns

If you are looking for prompt and skilled people who could file tax returns for you, this service which lets you pay for only tax returns is most suitable for you. Our Hourly prices start as low as $8 to $15 per hour depending upon the nature of work, level of difficulty etc.

Why pay more? When you can outsource, save your time and reduce your costs. Contact us for effective financial and accounting services with a high level of professionalism and prompt service. The onus of providing the best in class service is on us. Fill the form below to contact us and we would respond back to you in less than 24 Hrs.


At VATTALKS we are committed to provide the latest and highly accurate information regarding the pricing and services on our website and updating of the website is carried out frequently.

Kindly note that the indicated prices on the web platform are for INDICATIVE purpose only and the final price is based out on various factors like Customer’s needs, Complexity of the Project, skill set of our manpower to be provided to you, time lines for completion of the project etc. The prices indicated are subjective for final approval at the time of completion of the order, which may either increase or decrease with respect to the prices as quoted on the web platform.