Did you know that a health Insurance policy for Mental Illness was available in the UAE?  Yes, you heard me right. Some companies do provide policies for people who suffered from mental illnesses. 

If you had no clue about this, you may read on to find out more information about the same.

Importance of Mental Health Insurance Policy

People always tend to emphasize physical health over mental health. They forget that mental health also needs to be taken care of. Thus, for a long time, even the Insurance companies were not providing any mental health coverage. 

Although laws have been amended since 2008 to provide insurance cover for mental illness, people are still unaware of its existence. 

Is Mental Health Insurance necessary?

It is one of the most common questions that people ponder upon. And the answer to this question is yes. 

Today’s people suffer from various mental health issues like anxiety, depression, trauma, etc. Most people refuse to get treatments for their mental illness due to the limited insurance and the high costs of treatment. 

Now, the times have changed. Several companies are coming up with insurance coverage for mental illness just as for physical illness. It helps the patients financially as, to achieve the patient’s health goals. They might require several sessions with the psychiatrist. Treatment without insurance will leave the patient in a state of bankruptcy.

If the patient has health insurance cover for Mental Illness, part of his treatment or maybe all the cost of his clinical session might get covered. 

What does Insurance coverage for mental illness depend on?

Insurance coverage for mental illness depends on:

  • The insurance company
  • The level of coverage and diagnosis.
  •  Some policies cover psychiatry, psychology, family therapy, etc.

What does Mental Health Insurance  Cover?

Health Insurance for mental illness provides coverage for the following:

  • Mental health treatment
  • Cost of your sessions with the psychiatrist
  • Medicines 
  • Diagnosis

How should I opt for health insurance policies for mental health coverage?

Mental health insurance is crucial for an individual as it costs a lot of money for treatments and checkups. And so, it is best if you compare among the various health insurance companies available in the UAE and Dubai before getting one for you. It will help you remain happy because of the benefits you would get from them. It is equally important to figure out whether the policy you chose would be sufficient for you. That purely depends from person to person based on one’s mental illness as well as diagnosis. Insurance companies provide insurance plan comparison tools to compare the policies available. 

Insurance Companies/ Brokers in the UAE that provide Insurance coverage for mental illness

1.The Thiqa insurance plan offered by Daman

The Thiqa insurance plan offered by Daman provides the Emiratis full and free access to mental health care at more than 50 public and private locations. Up to four months, they provide insurance coverage for the visits made to the psychiatrist once weekly through direct billing. 

2.The Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company

The Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company has two most common and affordable coverage schemes for mental health issues. But they don’t cover psychiatry treatment and psychological counseling for bronze-tier members.

3.Alliance Insurance, AXA Gulf, and Green Crescent

These three companies come under private health insurance companies. They do not provide insurance coverage for psychiatric treatment in their general plans.

4.Petra Insurance Brokers

As the name suggests, they are brokers who assist you find the right plan based on your financial and health condition. The company has insurance experts who can help you and your loved ones find the right supplemental coverage to suit your psychiatric care needs.

Mental Health Insurance Coverage Considerations:

When it comes to Insurance coverage of mental health illness, there are different types of expenses involved in its treatment. The most common terms and plans that you may run into include-

 1.PremiumIt is a monthly payment to purchase your Insurance policy. It depends on your diagnosis, clinical sessions, in-patient treatment, etc.

2.Co-pay: Any kind of payment that the patient makes out of his pocket for his treatment is called, Co-pay. However, the co-pay will be lower than the actual fee charged for treatment by the doctor.

3.Deductible: The total amount one has to pay from his side for the treatment purpose before the activation of their insurance coverage is known as Deductible.

Hope this article has helped you get a clear idea about Insurance coverage for mental health issues. We have a dedicated team who are ever-ready to assist you through each step.  You may contact our team of experts for their assistance or check out our website VATTALKS.com for more information about Insurance coverage for mental health illnesses.