Aseel Finance Bank

Last Updated on 15 May 2020

About the Bank

Aseel Islamic Bank was established in Abu Dhabi in August 2006. It is a private company working in the banking and mortgage finance sector.

Banking Products & Services

Aseel Finance offers a wide range of banking products & services like Business Finance, Term Finance, Trade Finance, etc. Explore all the Aseel Finance Products and Services here:

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Popular Products & Services

Aseel Finance provides different types of financial products in the UAE. The flagship products include Business Loans, Term Finance, Trade Finance, etc. Here are the popular financial products:

Loans & Mortgages:
Aseel Finance provides attractive loan options. There are different products available like Business Finance, Property Finance, Mortgage Finance, etc.

Awards & Achievements

Year Award Name Award By
2017 First credit card utilizing the ‘Murabaha’ mechanism on network international’s core system Network international recognition
2016 Best business finance company – middle east Banker middle east industry award
2016 Best business credit card – UAE UAE product award
2015 Best non-banking Islamic retail finance institution – UAE Islamic banking & finance awards

Customer Support

The bank provides customer support 24/7 to its customers. You can get in touch with the bank via call on 80027335.

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ What is Aseel business credit card?

It is a credit card for businesses where special schemes are available for business level transactions.

⭐ How is Aseel business credit card different from a personal credit card?

This card is issued on the company’s name and is meant for company expenses whereas personal credit card is meant for personal expenses.

⭐ How many employees can I distribute my supplementary credit cards?

You can distribute supplementary credit cards that are provided on Aseel Business Card up to 9 cards.

⭐ Can I get a personal credit card?

No. Aseel finance provides only business credit card.

⭐ Takaful protection is provided on?

Aseel finance provides Lifestyle takaful and motor takaful.

⭐ Can we get property finance for personal properties?

Yes. Aseel finance provides property finance for personal properties as well.

⭐ Aseel Finance Dubai office location

The Aseel Finance in Dubai is located at Al-Mankhool.

⭐ What is the Aseel Finance Contact number?

You can call on 80027335 to instantly connect with aseel finance customer service or you can visit Aseel Finance customer care page for further details.

⭐ Who is Aseel Islamic Finance chairman?

The Aseel Finance chairman is Dr. Mohd Daud Bakar

⭐ Is Aseel finance UAE a bank?

Aseel Islamic Bank was established in Abu Dhabi in August 2006. It is a private company working in the banking and mortgage finance sector.

Latest Updates About Aseel

Aseel Islamic Finance was first owned by the First Gulf Bank – 26 October 2013

First Gulf Bank (FGB), one of the largest banks in the UAE, increased its shareholdings in Aseel Islamic Finance through a purchase agreement that increased the bank’s ownership from 40% to 100%.