In today’s era, every individual owns a lot of assets. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that all their properties and assets are secured. As it provides you with financial stability in the future. Today, you will find various insurance policy coverage in the UAE and Dubai. 

There are many insurance companies that have different insurance policy coverage. Therefore, it makes it difficult for the customers to figure out the right insurance policy.

One major problem that customers face is having to pay too much money for them. It makes them financially vulnerable and weak. 

We are here to help you figure out with popular five insurance policy coverage you shouldn’t do without. 

These Insurance Policy Coverage Are

1. Life Insurance

Life insurance is that policy that people most often try to avoid thinking that it’s unnecessary. But in reality, life insurance is a crucial policy that almost every individual should have. It should be placed high on your list of most required policies as this policy would protect your family members who are financially dependent on you. 

  • The life insurance policy covers the costs associated with dying, such as burial and mortuary fees.
  •  It helps to pay off your debts, mortgage, and loans. 
  • It also provides money for everyday expenses after your demise.
  • Helps your family to cope up and move on with your demise and financial matters.

2. Health Insurance

Health insurance is one of the most crucial insurance policies that you require. It is an unavoidable fact that medical care is expensive. That is the reason why health insurance has turned out to be a necessity. But investing in health insurance will help you prevent a significant financial hardship during an emergency.  

Health insurance covers almost all the necessary medical costs. It includes-

  •  Doctor’s appointment or consultation fees
  •  Expense of surgeries
  • Coverage for illnesses and injuries 

 Things you need to keep in mind before you purchase health insurance:

  • Unmarried and young individuals can go for fewer coverage policies.
  • People who have a family dependent on them or persons with chronic health issues must go for bigger insurance coverage.
  • If you are someone who will often need your insurance, then you should go for a plan that has low deductibles and copays.
  • Always go for health insurance based on your budget or what you can afford.
  • Please know that plans with higher copays and deductibles have lower premiums.
  • Similarly, plans with high premiums usually have lower copays and deductibles.
  • Remember that children are covered under one of their parents’ plans. Hence you don’t need to get one for your child.

3.  Homeowner’s Insurance

Home is one of the most valuable assets in every individual’s life. That is what makes homeowners insurance an absolute essential of all. 

The insurance covers your home, your personal belongings, and your valuables. If you want to repair your home or get some renovations done, having the right homeowner’s insurance can help you make the entire process much easier.

Things to have in mind while shopping for a homeowners insurance policy-

  • Go for an insurance policy that covers the replacement of the structure, the contents, and the cost of living somewhere else while your home is repaired. 
  • You need to ensure that the cost of rebuilding does not include the cost of the land since you already own it.
  • Ensure that the policy covers the cost of any liability for injuries that might occur on your property.
  • Take an additional insurance policy to cover natural disasters, like flooding, earthquakes, and wildfires.
  • You do not need to get one homeowner insurance policy if you do not own a house of your own.

Homeowners insurance covers-

  • Home against damage and theft
  • Damage to a visitor’s property
  • Any costs if someone gets injured on your property
  • Home’s foundation, roof, and walls
  •  Personal property

4. Automobile or Car Insurance

It is mandatory to have automobile insurance in most parts of the world if you want to drive a car. An automobile insurance policy would have your back covered in the event of an accident. Hence, one must not skip on automotive insurance. 

If you have an accident, it would cost you everything you own. Having automobile insurance would cover most of your expenses and would help you save some money in such situations. 

If you have just purchased your first car and have not yet purchased automobile insurance coverage then now is the right time. 

Several car insurance companies in Dubai provide various insurance policy coverage that cover different scenarios,

  • Liability Insurance– This insurance applies only to pedestrians. It does not cover the driver and passenger. It has two forms -bodily injury and property damage liability.
  • Personal Injury Protection: This insurance covers the medical expenses of the driver and the passenger.
  • Collision insurance: This insurance policy provides you coverage if you meet with an accident. Whether it’s your fault or not, it covers the costs of the damage to your car.
  • Comprehensive insurance: Comprehensive insurance covers any damage caused to your car. Whether it’s a tree falling on your car or vandalism from unruly neighborhood kids, it gets covered under the Comprehensive insurance policy.
  • Underinsured Motorist: This insurance comes in handy in the event when the person who hits your car does not have enough insurance to cover the damage.

Things to remember before shopping an automobile/ car insurance-

  • You don’t need to purchase car insurance coverage unless you own a car.
  • Look out for car insurance discounts before you shop for a plan. 

5. Disability Insurance Policy Coverage

Disability insurance is one plan that people usually avoid the most as it seems to be similar to Life insurance. But, disability insurance is equally essential to every individual as we cannot say what will happen to us the next moment.

A disability insurance coverage would provide you with financial support if something happens to you. In case you get injured, disability insurance would reimburse you for lost income. It allows you to enjoy your current lifestyle even if you discontinue your job due to any reason. 

Important facts to know before you opt for disability insurance policy coverage- 

  • It covers permanent, temporary, partial, or total disability.
  • It does not cover medical care and services.
  • Children do not require disability insurance.

There are several insurance companies all over Dubai and the UAE. Due to this, the customers find it difficult to figure out the right plan based on their needs.

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