If you are someone who has been struggling for a long time to pay off your debts, then you are at the right place. This article will provide you with 15 different ways to help you be debt-free in the future.

How to pay off debts?

This is a relevant yet disturbing question that arises in the minds of almost every other individual. 

And so, we take this as an opportunity to share some information about the tools, websites, and even applications that you can use to gain financial stability on your own. 

Confidence is another thing that one might require to stay financially stable and pay off their debts. Hence, using the techniques, tactics that we share, you can make changes in your daily life to improve your financial situation. 

Before we begin, let’s sit back and analyze all the different types of debts you may have. 

One might have home loans, auto loans, educational loans, credit card debt, and whatnot.

But it is crucial to understand that the way one gets out of his debts and loans will depend on the type of debt he has.

And so here, we present before you-

15 ways or methods using which one can pay off debts-

  1. Create a budget chart
  2.  Analyze your monthly bills and Cut your Spending
  3. Get a Personal Loan
  4. Prioritize your Debts and Loans 
  5. Using Debt Calculator and Budgeting Tools
  6. Say NO to Online Shopping 
  7. Limit the usage of Credit card
  8. Make Extra Money
  9.  Cash Windfall
  10.  Credit Card Balance Transfers
  11.  Credit Card Consolidation Loan
  12.  Adopt to Debt Avalanche Method
  13. Use the Debt Snowball Method
  14.  Resell your belongings 
  15.  Debt Relief Company

1) Create a Budget Chart

Every working individual should create a budget chart of their own. Having a budget plan will help them remain financially stable in the long run. And so it is highly recommended to create a budget chart based on one’s income and expenditure. 

This way, you will realize where you are going wrong with your finances, calculations, and expenses. 

Things you need to know while creating a Budget Chart- 

  • A simple yet, quick and comprehensive tool to keep track of your budgets and debts is by making a budget chart in Google sheets. 
  • While creating a Budget Chart, make sure to include all your expenses. 
  • The chart must consist of everything from your rental fees,  credit card loans, student loan, the amount you pay for gas, food, etc. 
  • The best way to create a budget chart is by deducting the total expenses from your income. It will leave you with leftover cash that you may segregate and keep aside for your debts. 
  • Another thing that you need to keep in mind is that you should keep your budget chart updated based on your financial situation. 

2) Analyze your Monthly Bills and Cut your Spending

To maintain financial stability and to pay off the debts one needs to cut down his expenses regularly. That is, if you spend money on trips, dining out every weekend, online platform subscriptions, etc, then you should make it a point to avoid such expenses and make necessary adjustments. This is the only way out for you. 

You should get bills for every single payment that you make and keep them with you. At the end of the day, you should check all the bills, analyze them and assess your expenditure. Based on your analysis you should make necessary adjustments and the savings that you get from this should go towards your outstanding debts.

3) Get a Personal Loan

If you are someone who has got several debts, then you might need to get a new personal loan. You can get a debt consolidation loan as it serves as a good solution for your debts. You can make use of this facility wisely and pay your debts. 

There are various websites and other platforms that provide information regarding the same. VATTALKS is one such online platform that enables you to compare different personal loan lenders. 

This helps you to know which one can avail loan to you at the lowest interest rates and fees. Another feature is that it enables you to choose the apt loan based on your financial situation.

4) Change your priorities, Prioritize your Debts and loans.

Once you have reached a debt situation, you need to prioritize your debts. You need to figure out which debts are costing you the most as compared with the other debts you have.  And then try paying those off first. You need to be careful and focus on the highest interest rates and not just the balances.

5) Using Debt Calculator and Budgeting Tools

Today, there are several budgeting tools and calculators available in the market. These tools and calculators make it easier for you to prioritize your debts wisely. 

Another option that you can choose is to download applications and debt calculators on your mobile device to give you an idea of how long it will take to pay off the debts. Such applications, websites, and debt calculators make the entire process easy for the customers to set a realistic budget.

6) Say NO to Online Shopping

Online shopping has got a tremendous impact on each one of our lives. We have everything available just a single click away.  And that is what makes things even worse. Such impulsive online shopping is a budget killer. In such cases, you end up spending more than you plan. Hence, it is crucial to eliminate such impulsive spending. 

You may follow the steps given to do so;

  • Stop installing online shopping apps on your mobile phone.
  • Disable pop-ups, cookies, and ads in your settings.
  • Remove your card details, especially credit card details from your online shopping accounts.

7) Limit the usage of a Credit card.

To eliminate spending more than your planned budget and saving money ;

  • Limit the use of credit cards every time you have cash with you 
  • Uninstall online shopping apps from your mobile phone.
  • Visit Hypermarkets and Supermarkets only once or twice a month and not more than that.
  • Stick to small general stores 
  • Always make a list of items you need to purchase. Divide the list into two halves – important/ unimportant.
  • Don’t purchase anything else that is not there on your emergency list.
  • By chance if, you end up using your credit card, make sure you pay off the debt as soon as possible.
  • Another key to staying out of credit card debt is to pay more than the minimum balance.

8) Make Extra Money

If you feel that you cannot pay off your debts with your current income, then you are left with no other choice but to do something and increase your income. 

Here are some ideas for you to increase your income

  • Get a part-time job
  • Take online classes
  • Start a business of your own 
  • Use your skills and work online
  • Write blogs, make posters, logos, design, or web developing for clients via freelancing 
  • Run errands for your neighbors or friends.
  • Start an online store.
  • Working as a delivery person for apps, stores, or websites

9) Cash Windfall

If you have been working exceptionally well and have been giving your best in your workspace. Then, there is a chance for you to get rewarded through a raise or maybe a bonus. You may also get a tax refund. 

That could be of great benefit to you, as you may use this cash from your windfall to pay off your debts. 

10) Credit Card Consolidation Loan

A consolidation loan would be a fabulous choice for people who have several high-interest credit card debts, as it just simplifies your work. Instead of paying to multiple lenders, you can pay to a single lender and remain free of tension. 

There are cases where you might get consolidated loans with a lower interest rate or that provide you a longer payment term. But it is to be noted that consolidation doesn’t reduce the overall debt by any chance.

11) Credit Card Balance Transfers

Another option available for you is to take advantage of a credit card balance transfer. This method would help you pay off your credit card debts without accumulating any interest.

Several cards provide no-fee balance transfer for new applicants, while others have an introductory period when balance transfer remains free.  But always make it a point to read the fine print on your card. The interest rates may vary once you cross your introductory period. The introductory period of cards depends on the card one chooses. 

12) Adopt to Debt Avalanche Method

One reason why people suffer to pay off the debts quickly is due to its high interest rates. For instance, if one has got debts like student loans or home loans, he/she may adopt the debt avalanche method to take charge of them.

The first thing to do is make a list of your debt details. This will help you get an idea about what you owe, what your interest rates for each loan are, and the minimum monthly payment that you need to pay. So once you are aware of your situation, you will start to give every extra dollar towards the debt that has the highest interest.

On the other hand, you will also make it a point to put minimum payments on your other debts. You can continue this method until you pay off your highest-interest debt. Then you can move on to the next highest interest debt. 

13)  Use the debt snowball method

Some people rejoice when they achieve small victories and get motivated by them. This debt snowball method is the right choice for such people. 

The Debt Avalanche Method mainly focuses on paying on debts with the highest interest rate while the debt snowball method works the other way around. The debt snowball method focuses on the smallest balance first and then moves up towards the higher interest debts.

Just like the debt avalanche method, you will make a list of your debt details and then you will make it a point to put every extra dollar towards the debt with the lowest balance. 

On the other hand, you will also keep making minimum payments to your other debts too. Once you get out of your smaller debts, you can move up to the next smallest debt. This way you will slowly get rid of all your debts.

14) Resell your belongings or stuff

If you are struggling to pay your debts, then selling things that you no longer need and are in good condition would provide you with an extra income. You can sell them online through various apps like eBay, Amazon, Declutter, OfferUp, and so on.

15) Debt Relief Company

People who struggle to manage their debts can work with a Debt Relief Company. The company would assist you with a good and experienced debt relief agent who will help you deal with your debts wisely. They will analyze your debt situation and help you have a tension-free life by providing you with a full-proof plan to pay off your debts within no time. 

They will match you with a loan suitable to your situation and set you a payment plan. The agents might also help you negotiate with your creditors and get your payments a bit more manageable. 

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